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Will the End of Net Neutrality Affect Digital Marketing?

The fairness of the Web has done more than just make the web equal. It’s been a very useful tool for social change. Over years we've seen movements birthed from Twitter, Reddit, and other platforms. Now that ISPs can regulate the speed and utility of the internet, it's interesting to see which direction this will go.

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Emerging Marketing Trends Making Waves In 2018

Knowing how your target group of customers think, behave, and buy has become the cornerstone of modern marketing methods. Here are some of the top marketing trends that you can employ for your small business to increase your sales and customer base.

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Social Media and It's Potential Negativity

James while at a conference acknowledged the transformational power of social media in the aspect of sharing information, connectivity, and socialization. In his speech, he went ahead to conclude that social media may lead to a barrage of negativity and rash reactions.

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