Novis Creative had a blast sitting down with Ro Mattocks, President of the Experimac in Smyrna, GA. Experimac is the area authority on Apple® product repairs, and trade-ins. Their team of experts has heard it all, from iPhone® devices and iPad® tablets flying off the roof of a moving car to taking a swim in the ocean.

'Fresh Friday' is a Novis Creative original series where we connect with entrepreneurs from various industries and brands to tell their story. We've had the pleasure of working with so many businesses and non-profits in the community; this is our way of giving back. 

This episode, Ro shares her motivations for entrepreneurship, overcoming challenges & hurdles, favorite tech, and first steps to take before jumping into business; we discuss navigating the early learning curve of starting a business and techniques we use to shorten that gap.

Key Points

1. Be Prepared

"Business fail because of a lack of Funding. Be prepared"

2. Work. Work Hard

It's important to work hard to provide for those who depend on you. 

3. The Importance of Prayer

When there are moments that happen to be stressful, belief and faith are the cornerstones that helps us push through. 

Next Step

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