This week, Novis Creative sits down with Nichole Rohrbach McKenzie, the founder and owner of Harp & Soul. Nichole is not only a talented harpist and musician, but she brings over 15 years experience as both a professional musician & corporate operations director. Nichole works with each client to ensure that the live music for your event provides a custom live soundtrack that your guests will rave about!

Nichole provides a quality musical experience by curating a specialized team to In addition to being the primary harpist for Harp & Soul. Nichole understands the importance of not only giving a stellar performance, but also the importance of providing quality through preparation. We just had to sit down and share some of that shine with you all.

'Fresh Friday' is a Novis Creative original series where we connect with entrepreneurs from various industries and brands to tell their story. We've had the pleasure of working with so many businesses and non-profits in the community; this is our way of giving back. We are elated to have Nichole Rohrbach as our guest this week on our Fresh Friday Series. Enjoy!

Key Points

1. Putting Customers First

“The first step to good customer service is investing in your team. Make sure you give the value first to your team"

2. The Best Way To Handle Feedback

Don’t ignore it, address it as soon as you can. Take full responsibility.

3. Make Sure You Understand Client Expectations (and They Understand Yours)

Help your clients understand what you’re capable of, and things you are not. Know your value

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