This week, Novis Creative sits down with Dr. Bernee Dunson of Dunson Dental Design. Dr. Dunson maintains a dental practice in Midtown Atlanta in the 1100 Peachtree Building on Peachtree St. NE. and just recently opened a branch in the Stone Mountain Area. He is also a sought after educator around the globe.

Dr, Dunson creates great smiles through specializing in full mouth rehabilitation, dental implants, restorative dentistry, and wisdom teeth removal. Watching the orthodontist in his hometown positively impact the city, Dr. Dunson has grown a fire for creating smiles and inspiring others that shines a bright perspective throughout nearby communities.

We just had to sit down and share some of that shine with you all.

'Fresh Friday' is a Novis Creative original series where we connect with entrepreneurs from various industries and brands to tell their story. We've had the pleasure of working with so many businesses and non-profits in the community; this is our way of giving back. We are elated to have Dr. Burnee Dunson as our guest this week on our Fresh Friday Series. Enjoy!

Key Points

1. Find A Mentor

"The only way to expedite your process is to find people who’ve been where you want to go."

2. Dentistry Is A Partnership

If you want to age gracefully, you must take care of your teeth. That job is (partly) up to you.

3. Book Recommendations 

- Think and Grow Rich.
- The BIble.
- 7 habits of highly effective People.

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