This week, Novis Creative sits down with Mr. Wildenfree, artist, entertainer, and mastermind behind the WildenFree brand. Free Thinker. Lightworker. A stoic, tea-sipping philosopher with an artistic perception of the world.

The 26-year-old brings a stoic blend of Hip-Hop and alternative that has a refreshing amount of good vibes. Themes of introspection, optimism, and self-reflection unify his eclectic sound — hailing from Atlanta, but the whole world is where he's bound. Songwriter, producer, engineer, and designer, Mr. Wildenfree is a "Jack of All Trades" in the mastering phase. Enjoy this next entry in our weekly series!

Key Points

Leveraging the knowledge of others.

Close the gap by learning with people willing to be on your team.

A good team:

- Connects you with resources that strengthen your skillset.
- Stimulates your professional & personal growth.
- Filled with people you can bounce ideas off of.
- Helps you avoid mistakes by sharing their experiences.

We also discuss good music, personal growth, the value of groups, much more.

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