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Mark Zuckerberg during the F8 annual developer conference announced the introduction of a new dating app service which he named “Dating.” According to the reports gathered, the feature will exist right within the social network’s own app and will allow Facebook users to create separate profiles which make it possible for them to pursue romantic connections with other members using the feature of the app. Although these two profiles will be operating on the same app, they will not interact in any way thus separating your professional and social life from the Dating app features. This new Facebook dating app feature will have similar features like Bumble and Tinder.



In order to separate your main account with the dating app account, the dating app account will only make use of your first name and the algorithm was created in a way that your present friends will never appear as potential matches thus allowing you to enjoy a high anonymity while pursuing your romantic relationship on Facebook. The new feature will come with its own dedicated inbox that does not allow you to send photos or links. It is strictly a text-based message when chatting for the first time which Facebook believes is a security measure to safeguard your identity and privacy for the first time.

Dating will make use of a unique algorithm to match you with potential dates which are strictly based on "dating preferences, similar values, and mutual friends." It also comes with a feature which will allow you to find romantic interests via shared Groups and events. For instance, if you going to a cinema, the app will allow you to unlock your profile so that you can become visible to members of Dating who will be attending the same cinema. Based on the information gathered, the test version of Dating will be released this year and the most important thing of all is that it is not going to make use of the information from the feature to target ads thus allowing to get rid of the annoying ads which keep appearing on your feeds.


While some people are of the view that Facebook is once again trying to gain success through imitation since there are apps like the Tinder and Bumble which are already offering similar services, there is a great probability of Dating overtaking the online dating app market since other dating apps like Tinder have long relied on Facebook’s data to operate their services in the first place. These apps have long incorporated Facebook into their dating app features to autofill information concerning where you live, your photos and other vital information about you. In some cases, like Bumble, it is impossible to sign up without a Facebook account.

Venturing into Dating is a wonderful move for Facebook and the world at large. Rather than allowing third-party apps to channel its data into their ecosystem, it is better for Facebook to create a feature which will allow its users to fix romantic dates and get to know each other better.

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