When it comes to experiencing Atlanta in a fresh new way, it's hard to beat Atlanta's only pedaled party bike "Southern Pedaler".

We had a great time sitting down with Rani & Daniel Deedy, the passionate owners of The Southern Pedaler, a party bike service powered by pedaling passengers! We had a great time learning about the city, hanging out, and burning calories with the team all while cruising on such a cool bike. Enjoy this next entry in our weekly series!

In this episode, Daniel shares the motivations that kept him grounded as an entrepreneur, Rani shares the best places to eat in Atlanta, some of the best & worst things about the city, and the what to order when you find yourself at Atlanta's popular local bar "The Nook"; we also discuss what it means to understand your why and the impact of inserting that why into your passion.

If you are looking for one of Atlanta's coolest new entertainment option's Southern Pedaler is one-of-a-kind. The vehicle is similar to a small trolley., fully equipped with a bar top, service area, sound system, and LED lighting to create a true party atmosphere onboard - perfect for birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, team building events, and more! The Pedal Guide is essentially the emcee who steers the party, makes sure everyone is having a good time and provides a tour of the city of Atlanta - including landmarks, history, and top bars along the way. 

You can connect with Southern Pedaler and learn more about it here.

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