Amber Markay Byrd is the owner of Markay Gallery, a special gallery in the historic district of Marrietta, GA. The art on display varies on many dimensions blending paintings, sculptures, and functional pieces. While the vibrant artwork engages your senses at every stop, it is the vision of Amber Markay that really stands out. Starting her adventure into art at the age of 13, Amber has grown a fire for art and artists that shines a bright perspective throughout nearby communities.

We had to sit down with Amber to share some of that light with you all.

'Fresh Friday' is a Novis Creative original series where we connect with entrepreneurs from various industries and brands to tell their story. We've had the pleasure of working with so many businesses and non-profits in the community; this is our way of giving back. We are elated to have Amber Markay as the first guest on our Fresh Friday Series. Enjoy!

Key Points

1. Do What You Love

"If you're passionate about what you do... it won't feel like work."

2. Seeing Art In a New Way

There are traditional views of what art is; it doesn't have to end there.

3. The Importance of Art in Education

Being encouraged pushes you to encourage others. It's important to foster this creativity in others.

4. Get Your Work Out There (Create)

What do you want to do in life? What don't you want to do? Whichever you choose you must get out there and do something. 

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