Will the End of Net Neutrality Affect Digital Marketing?

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There has been a lot of hue and cry among the public about the proposed end of net neutrality by the Federal Communications Commission. This proposal by Ajit Pai, officially went into effect on April 23rd, lifting protections that govern broadband providers the legal right to block websites and censor content. Many believe this will indeed change the way internet has been operating since its inception in mid 90’s as a public platform for communication and information.

Internet will not be the same again

Net neutrality gives a level playing field to everyone from very powerful companies to ordinary bloggers. It allows individuals without any resources the same ability to reach out to their readers as a giant corporation. There are no pricing advantages or preferences for large companies that they usually enjoy in print and electronic media. This is the reason why elimination of net neutrality has a deep impact on small business owners. It will also hit internet marketers in a profound manner.

End of net neutrality gives an upper hand to ISP’s

With net neutrality, it is a free market place for everyone. However, ISPs now have a free hand in picking the winners and the losers. They will not be compelled to provide unlimited access to internet to their users. This means big business with lots of cash can easily tie up with ISP’s to drive small business owners away from the market.

It will have profound impact on digital marketing. (For better or worse..)

The digital marketing industry is huge today, standing at around 80 billion dollars. This includes all sorts of services we enjoy like SEO, pay per click, social media marketing, and content marketing to get organic traffic to their websites. A healthy competition exists because of net neutrality between big and small companies and this is what creates demand for digital marketing.

Net neutrality opens the door for the internet to be dominated by big businesses that can afford to a higher price for digital marketing. It gives a body blow to small business owners as getting exposure to many potential customers on the net would become out of bounds for them. It may also mean that marketing may have a far less influence based on the access of the consumer and direction of traffic on websites on the web. Potential scenarios could arise where SEO may become less important than the amount of money paid by a business for its promotion.

Ultimately, it is difficult to pinpoint what accurately may occur but what is known for sure is that this will indeed change the way the internet has been running. This allows for new opportunities to those who stand in front of the coming wave and learn to ride as new rules and platforms arise.

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