Emerging Marketing Trends Making Waves In 2018

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Marketing is an integral aspect of any business whether it small or big. In fact, it is through marketing that a business reaches out to its target group of customers. With the emergence and near domination of internet, particularly social media, marketing has become digital and analytical to derive maximum return on investment. Knowing how your target group of customers think, behave, and buy has become the cornerstone of modern marketing methods. Here are some of the top marketing trends that you can employ for your small business to increase your sales and customer base.

 1.     Utilizing user generated content

It takes time for a business to have user generated content in the form of views, reviews, opinions, polls, and video comments but they help a lot in allowing a company to market its products and services. Nearly 87% of the consumers today say they prefer authenticity when choosing a product and UGC happens to be the most authentic information about a company or business. As a small business owner, you can integrate UGC in your marketing efforts to win the hearts and minds of your customers.

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2.     Creating content to aid voice search

More and more customers are using their voice to search for products and services on Google. According to Forbes, if this percentage was 20 in 2017, it is expected to reach nearly 50% by 2020. This is a challenge for businesses as they used to optimize their websites to be shown in top search results until now. Companies now must make sure they provide authentic and interesting information to Google, Apple, and other voice providers to reach out to their target group of customers. Both Google home and Amazon's Alexa provide free registration to publish Flash briefings and news updates to your customers. If you are a small business owner, you will have to optimize your content for voice search to reach out to your potential customers.

3.     AI in marketing

AI seems to be the next big thing in the world of marketing. Already, many businesses are making use of chatbots supported by AI to interact with their customers. It is expected that in near future chatbots will handle everything from answering queries, taking orders, and helping with customer service. By using free apps like manychat, you can engage this opportunity all while being cost effective.

 4.     Mobile applications

Everyone from kids to seniors is using a smartphone these days. People search for products and services online. One way to be just a one click away from your customers is to develop mobile app that is downloaded and stored in the smartphones. More and more companies have their mobile apps with interactive features downloaded in smartphones of their customers. Businesses use these apps to instantly connect with their customers by sending notifications and other promotions and offers.

 5.     Using Instagram to reach out to customers

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Instagram has emerged as the most popular social media platform in recent times, even overtaking Facebook and Twitter. With more than 800 million active users, you can easily imagine the potential of this medium to reach out to large number of your customers. Make use of their latest marketing tool Instagram Stories to develop interesting content to connect with your customers.

 6.     Advertising in Live events

Big events like sports, concerts, conferences that are telecast live internationally have emerged as a great marketing tool. Your ad or banner may be seen for a split second by the people, but they have a tendency to remember it and recognized it when buying products in future. Companies that have used these live events to advertise their products say they will participate and host more live events in coming years.

 7.     Influencer marketing remains very effective

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing where the focus of the companies is on influential people rather than their target group of customers. Marketing activities are oriented around these influencers as businesses know that these individuals have a sway over many people. Young buyers are impressed by the content that appears less staged and is more organic in nature. Therefore, influencer marketing is considered a very effective tool even in 2018.

 8.     Focusing more on Gen Z

Marketers all around the world have been sweating hard to understand the buying behaviors of Millennials until now. But 2018 seems to be the year of the rise of the Generation Z, young boys and girls born in late 1990’s and early 2000’s. These young boys and girls who have just become adults or going to become adults soon are going to be the pivot around which companies will position their marketing efforts. Millennials are still important, but you will have to devise marketing content that engages with this section of the population called Gen Z. Things to remember with Gen Z is that most of them watch online video content for about an hour daily and nearly all of them search online to find about products and services.

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