Social Media and It's Potential Negativity

A recent quote from LeBron James has caused so many to question their conscience about the importance and necessity of having a social media account. According to LeBron James, he turns off his social media accounts before playoffs begin each season mainly because he believes it is a toxic place for celebrities. He believes there are a lot of things going on in the social media that can affect the personal and professional life of a celebrity.


A lot of people became supportive of this statement after a public backlash erupted between his teammates in Game 1 of the finals. James, while at a conference, acknowledged the transformational power of social media in the aspect of sharing information, connectivity, and socialization. In his speech, he went ahead to conclude that social media may lead to a barrage of negativity and rash reactions.

"If you're a celebrity, then you’ll realize it's actually really bad for you," — Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport)  June 3, 2018

True to James’ words, the social media is full of ignorant people who don’t have enough information about you or what you stand for. According to James, these individuals are out to destroy you and the most painful part of the entire issue is that they don’t even know what exactly they are talking about. James advised his teammates and other celebrities to ditch social media if they cannot cope with the criticisms.

Three points can be gathered from James’ twitter post about the potential negativity of social media:

1.       Your critics don’t know who you are.

Critics on social media will never take their time to know who you are or what you stand for. All they are interested in is to capitalize on that single mistake you've made. They can go on and on to tell the whole world what they feel about you. The other most important thing we need to note is that we don't know these people and hence should not be a part of their misery on social media. Some of them are out for cheap popularity and the best way to get it is to engage a celebrity in a fight.

2.      Most of them don’t know what they are doing.

Majority of your critics on social media don’t what they are doing. They just feel they can post anything they feel like on your wall simply because you are a celebrity.

3.      They are not in your shoes.

People find it easy to criticize other people on social media but they have no idea what the celebrity is passing through. If they had the slightest idea of what you are passing through they would not go as far as criticizing any of your actions.

Dealing with this kind of negativism on social media is not easy, it is something that comes at a price; you have to ignore as if nothing really happened. If you can’t ignore then it is better to ditch social media.

"If you're a part of it and it bothers you, then you probably should just delete it off your phone," said James.

To be frank, there is no denying the fact that social media is one of the most powerful marketing strategies available (we've covered this on a previous article here), but it can sometimes be a daunting and unsettling task. Some times a break from the constant chatter of a social feed is necessary to stay focused and recharge your mind.

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