3 Powerful Social Media Trends NOT To Underestimate

It is 2018 – if you thought digital marketing strategies were under a transformation in 2015, this is the year when the transformation has reached its zenith. There is no denying the fact that old school marketing strategies still come in handy but what you really need to focus on right now is the power of social media in digital marketing and here is why:

1- Influencer Marketing is still Young

Celebrity endorsements would always stay relevant to the marketing field but the real kings of digital marketing are the social influencers. They could be anyone: school kids, university folks, or even stay-at-home mommas – what matter really is their reach to the masses. They could be using any social media platform such as twitter, Facebook, instagram or Snapchat but if they have a loyal following, people are more likely to trust their opinion on things they promote using their real experiences over any other celeb they simply can’t imagine have a same lifestyle with.


If you've missed the impact of social media influencers, a recent study shows why their partnerships are the fastest growing method of online acquistion. Just take a look at the numbers:

  • For each dollar spent on influencer marketing, marketers see an average of $7.65 in earned media value returned.
  • Instagram last year saw 12.9 million brand sponsored influencer posts. That number is estimated to double in 2018, creating an estimated market size of nearly $1.7 billion.

2- You Can Build A Closer Knit Relation with Target Customers


Whatever product or service you are selling, having an active online presence on various social media platforms allows you to get directly in touch with your customers. You hear feedback, share your side of the story and in general can become someone your clients can reach out to and trust. With so much noise and saturation online, customer loyalty and retention is the name of the game.

Good customer service becomes part of your digital strategy. By having an active presence on platforms like twitter, clients can reach out to you with their concerns in real-time quickly getting to the nitty-gritty. This, results in immediate problem solutions that does a ton in improving your brand recognition and appreciation among clients.

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook that allow geo-tagging (location tagging) can be used creatively to cement that relationship and brand in a specific area; making content and campaigns easier around the city. For example, Atlanta's Squishiepuss, encourages users to interact with the art by highlighting the areas where fans can engage with the artist and his products.

3- Hashtags Are Worth More Than You Think


We use them all the time; in our magazines, ads, even our text messages. While hashtags were made to help optimize and structure content, they've become essential for growing your brand's reach and engagement.

Generation Z and Millennials are social media addicts. If you come up with an exclusive hashtag for your brand, your customers are more likely to use them on their respective social media accounts as well. So if you are not already...


(Sorry for the CAPS!!) I really wanted that to sink in. 

With Instagram recently rolling out the opportunity to follow hashtags, it's only become more important to find the best hashtags to rout your brand to those who are interested. According the statistics, posts with hashtags get 12.6% more engagement than those without.

A well known example of good hashtag was CocaCola with their #shareacoke hashtag, driving awareness for their drinks.


"I've waited over 25 years for my name to be spelled correctly on literally anything. What a time to be alive! #ShareaCoke"

A post shared by Ashlee Brooke (@ashleebboyd)

The #shareacoke campaign is a great example of using unique hashtags to brand your company. This campaign works because it is engaging, personal, and standardized at the same time. 

Incorporating hashtags to create exposure don't always have to be branded; they can also be categories that creates awareness for you niche.

The Increase in Sales

The ultimate purpose of having a budget for digital marketing for a product is to increase its sales. If you are wise at tackling social media content, you can immediately grasp people’s attention. If catchy and witty posts regarding your brand would keep popping in people’s social media newsfeed, they are more likely to show interest in your brand and that would spike up the sales.

To find out where to get started with your digital budget, leave a message at www.noviscreative.com. NOVIS is a branding, marketing, and media production collective that specializes in implementing simple, proven, and effective business solutions.

photo credit: @erik_lucatero

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