About Novis Creative


Novis Creative is a branding, marketing, and media production collective that specializes in implementing simple, proven, and effective media solutions. We are storytellers, dedicated to helping organizations and individuals around the world find a clear sense of direction, achieve thriving brand awareness, and share the greatness that lies within. We are passionate about your brand!

Established in 2017, Novis Creative is comprised of a vibrant, dedicated team of individuals with expertise in storytelling, branding, public relations, marketing, website design, and media production. We produce content that works in tandem with specific marketing strategies to engage your core audience and generate a tangible return on investment. Novis Creative ignites the creative process by delivering inspired media solutions that help brands break the confines of the ordinary and leave lasting impressions on prospective customers.

Core services we provide include:

  • Professional Photography & Films

  • Logo Creation & Brand Identity Packaging

  • Social Media Management

  • And more!